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Saved by a Random Map Lady

Hello, readers (or possibly reader). Here is another of my infrequent blog postings, this time on the topic of getting lost.

I got lost yesterday. This is not a surprising thing. It is certainly not a new occurrence. I’ve become less used to getting lost since being on medication, but it still happens from time to time. The thing that made it particularly embarrassing was this: I had made this journey dozens of times and I still get lost about 50% of the time.

It’s the journey between Worthing train station and my mate’s house. A walk that should take about ten minutes at most and, if I’m left to make it without another responsible adult  alongside me, ends up taking about three-quarters of an hour. It’s a good thing my daughter is a good walker, although her remarking that “I thought we were on the wrong road, Mummy” didn’t exactly do wonders for my mood. (i.e. I ended up shouting at her. Doh.)

Eventually I came across a lady. Not a particularly remarkable lady on first sight; just a lady. But this lady had a map on her, printed from an online one, and when she saw how hideously lost I was she let me keep the map. She will probably never know just how helpful that was, but in case you’re reading this blog, Random Map Lady, thanks for that. You are a total life saver! With map in hand I was able to navigate our way to the station in double-quick time (I was only about 2 minutes away as it turned out).

I would take a picture of the map and post it to this blog, but I have the horrible suspicion that it’s still in the pocket of my jeans…which are at this moment swooshing around my washing machine on the coloured cottons cycle.

ADD, ya gotta love it…




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